There has been an exaggerated sense of individualism in recent years.  This has been influenced by the collectiveness of the 20th century.  Fascism and Communism tend to take away the rights of an individual in a very real and serious way.

The pendulum effect often means that subjectivism and individualism can become exaggerated.

There can be an illusion that we can ‘make ourselves’ by ourselves. 

  • ‘If I am strong and resilient, I can achieve anything’.

  • ‘I need to plan my life, to be in control’.

  • ‘I determine where I will go, where I will end up’.

Sure, I have the gift of free will.  I can make choices; I am not a puppet.  God does not want us to be puppets.

In the story of Adam and Eve, humanity forgets its creaturehood and wants to be like God.

As creatures we are not and can never be God.

It is an illusion to believe otherwise.

We spend so much time in our heads.  Worry and stress are so much part of the lives of many.  When we try to do it alone, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

‘What does it profit one to have won the whole world and then loose themselves?’

Prayer is about reality.  It is about moving away from illusion or the ‘kidding of ourselves’.

Prayer is the great balance, the restorer of right relationships.

Prayer is about a loving relationship between creature and God.

I recognise my need for God.  I realise that without God I can do nothing.

However, when I am connected with God, I am authentic, my real self.  I find my true self in prayer.

It is about intimacy and love.

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