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I came home late the other night.  It had been a long day and I was tired.

I decided to go and water some young trees alongside the Cathedral here in Darwin.

A man came and started talking to me, asking for prayers, and telling me about his struggles.  He went away to sleep alongside the Cathedral.

As I finished watering, I was really tired by now and was looking forward to going indoors preparing for a good night’s sleep.

As I walked past him while putting the garden hose away, the man started talking to me again after I had said goodnight.

He said that he was hungry and had I something to give him.  It was a long way to the kitchen, and it was late!

My first reaction was to say “let us wait till tomorrow morning”.

I did not say that and told myself to remember the generosity of God!

I told him to wait while I went inside to organise a toasted sandwich.

I put out the bread and butter and the cheese.  I looked at my fridge with lots of food inside.  How blessed I was?  So, I decided to put some bacon and tomato on the sandwich as well.

I took the toasted sandwich to him, and again wished him a goodnight.

I find that when I reflect on what I am doing I am reminded of what is important.

I find self-talk helps me to not just react on first impulses but try to act out of something deeper.

Remembering the meaning of the Gospel, teaches us to make life-giving choices in everyday life.

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