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I have recently had the privilege of taking part in the Graduation ceremonies of a number of Year Twelve students attending our Catholic Schools.

I have personally, as a young student in Adelaide, attended both State and Catholic Schools.

I have also been Chaplain to both Catholic and State Schools.

Education is about helping a person to reach out, to find who they are in relation to self, others, God, and the rest of all that there is.

Catholic education is about holistic education.

I can still remember one of the Marist Brothers talking about the wonder of creation during a biology class, so many years ago!

I looked at the faces of those young men and women.  They were undergoing a rite of passage.  After so many years in school they were about to embark on a new adventure, a new chapter in their lives.

They were no longer children; they were now young adults.

All these ceremonies in the last week took part during Mass.

The Graduation took part in the context of faith and prayers.

I knew only too well that there would naturally be many questions in their faith.  I was there once!

However, there was a real openness to the sacred, the spiritual, Christ and His message.  I could see it on their faces.

I celebrated the fact that we can actually help our young people on their spiritual journey in our Catholic schools.

Schools, of course, need to be about good education.  In a meeting with Principles of our Catholic schools I recently said we want excellent education in our schools.  However, we have the added richness of also being fertile soil for healthy spirituality.  Hopeful this supports the endeavours of our parents to share their faith with their children.

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