God is always with us

God is always with us

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of attending St Joseph’s, Flexi Learning Centre in Alice Springs.

This school is for students who have some challenges getting into the mainstream schooling system.

This was my third visit this year and I was able to recognise a number of people from previous visits.

I am full of admiration for the students who continue to come to this school despite some great challenges in their lives.

I am certainly full of admiration for the staff, under the leadership of a very dedicated principle, who love the young people.

  • I reminded these young people of the need to be proud of who they are. That their ancestors had walked this land for thousands of years and that God had walked with them.

  • I congratulated them for coming to school since this would enable and empower them to be able to make choices about themselves and their lives.

  • I reminded them that they did not need to compare themselves to anyone else, that they have unique gifts and talents.

  • I reminded them that there is goodness in them.

  • I said that none of us are perfect, we all make mistakes. However, we can learn from mistakes. We do not need to keep repeating them

  • I reminded them that the ‘bad spirit’ wants them to give up on themselves

  • They are never alone, to find someone to talk to. That they are loveable and loved.

  • God is always with them and that nothing will ever stop God loving them.

  • I told them that I was proud of them.

Their faces said it all to me. They were respectful and listening

There was connection

I thank God for them.

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