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I entered one house where there was a  lady in her eighties. Her  sister who was also housebound and shared the same room.

Their two daughters were also present as well as the four-year old great grandson of one of them.

In the room was a table on which were states and pictures of Saints and Jesus .

I had seen similar altars full of Holy things in the of houses of some of the elderly Italians that I have taken communion to over the years.

The devotion and sincerity of the prayers was obvious.

After praying together, we chatted for a while.

‘I was taught these things by the nuns‘ said the most senior lady in the room .

I smiled as I remembered those consecrated women who left everything behind and came to this faraway place to witness to the gospel.  I have heard so many elderly people in the area speak fondly of those nuns. There were no phones or air conditioners, certainly no mobiles!

I could imagine them smiling at us from heaven.

So many cultures so many traditions in so many places yet one faith!

As looked at the four-year old great grandchild, I clearly remembered myself with my grandmother at about the same age in the  mid-fifties .

Mass was in Latin (she went to mass everyday) she often took me with her.

She often gave me lollies during mass, it kept me occupied.

However, I had no doubt how important this event going on in that mysterious language was for her and her companions.

She also showered me with unconditional love .

I felt sure that young child was also soaking in the genuine love and prayer happening in that room.

Let the children come to me!

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