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Why is there evil in the world?

Why do human beings do horrible things to each other and to themselves?

Why do we treat our environment so disrespectfully at times?

The book of Genesis attributes the entrance of sin into the world to Adam and Eve.  In this deeply symbolic story full of rich meaning, Adam and Eve forgot their creaturehood and wanted to be like God.

When they broke the right relationship with God by sin, then everything was in turmoil.

Indeed, when we sin, we are distancing ourselves from God, from ourselves even, from others, and from the rest of creation.

We are meant to be in harmony with God who is the source of all life, all love, of all that is good.

The abuse of our free will can bring about unspeakable evil.

Genocide, the abuse of children and the weak.  The gross injustices that people do to each other all come from the misuse of this wonderful gift of our free will.

Some begin to think that we are so prone to evil that we just cannot break the cycle of evil.

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception rejects that idea.

We do not have to be slaves of evil, of sin.

Christ gives us what we need so that we do not have to become slaves of evil, slaves of sin.

Christ came through Mary.  She was His mother.

We know that a mother transmits all types of things to a child within her womb, e.g. stress, etc.

It has been a long-held belief in the Church that God’s grace preserved Mary from sin so that the effect of sin within her was not transmitted to Jesus.

God’s grace preserved Mary from sin from her conception.  She fully co-operated with the grace of God; she was able to do this because of that same grace.

God’s triumph over sin in Mary is a great sign of hope for us all.  In Mary we can see what God has done in weak human nature.

It is significant that after People Pius the Nineth declared, in the 1800’s, in an official statement that Mary was conceived without sin, Bernadette Soubirous had her vision of Our Lady at Lourdes.  When Bernadette asked the lady who she was, she said  “I am the Immaculate Conception”.

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