So often we are like a yo yo.  We have a good experience, and we feel good.

A concern, an anxiety about something, a fear, becomes the preoccupying experience and we lose our peace.

So often we swing from one feeling to another.

When a tree is shallow rooted it will sway with the wind, and one day a strong wind comes and it falls over.

A deep-rooted tree will still swing with the wind but is much less likely to fall over.

A shallow spirituality leaves us susceptible to falling over.

Jesus speaks  about a house built on rocks which  is able to withstand the storms  and remain standing.

Meditative prayer grounds us on a solid foundation.

It gives nourishment and stability.

In this time of Lent we are reminded of the value of meditation and prayer.

Meditation helps us to see reality as it is, not as I imagine it to be.

Prayers reminds us to be grounded in Jesus, Our Way, Our Truth, Our Life.

We have our expectations of what should be.

‘People should all like me;  there should be no problems;  all should work out as I want it to be …….. etc. etc.

In story of Jesus, we are reminded that things did not work out ‘too well for Him ‘.

Yet through all His challenges He is victorious as He moves into Resurrection.

His drama, His story, is also our story .

Yes we are weak, yes we sin.

However, God’s faithfulness, God ‘s love, is stronger, and nothing will come between us and the love of God .

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