The spiritual life is a journey into the great mystery. Some of the mystics called it walking in the cloud of unknowing.


St Paul talks about knowledge beyond knowledge. Knowing the height and the depth which can never be fully known. We are grounded in love and built on love (Ephesians, 3 verses 14-21.)


Jesus, Himself tells us that unless we become like little children we will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.


When we are over-concerned about certitude, we can limit our understanding of reality. It becomes ‘our certitude’.


If we think that ‘we have got there’ in the spiritual life, in a real sense we have hardly ‘begun’.


We need to undertake a process of unknowing. We need to let go of the ego and put ourselves at the disposal of the Holy Spirit who will surprise us and continue to surprise us forever.


We never ‘get’ there. We are getting there, always getting there.


The Holy Spirit will unravel us and reconstruct us.


Jesus called it being born again. Not just once but over and over again!