Christmas Eve.

Last minute shopping, decorations around the house, emails to friends and family far away and other messages, final arrangements for Christmas Day.

For some evening Mass, maybe Midnight Mass.


I have great memories as a child of the enchant of Christmas Eve.

Last minutes decorations of the Christmas cake that mum had baked.

Dad was the decorator. So many other memories!


Waiting is part of living. Yet we do not like waiting. We are getting so used to instant gratification. Fast transport, fast internet, fast foods etc.


Wise people learn that fast is not always the best. The path of wisdom requires reflection. Reflection is much more than reaction. It is wholistic. We learn from the wisdom of the ages and adapt it to what is best now.


Waiting for God’s time instead of ours is wisdom. Jesus taught us to live one day at a time. So often we worry about the past and the future. Now is the time for an encounter with God.


Of course, we cherish the good of the past and we also have good reason to be hopeful and trusting in God’s promise for the future.


We celebrate as we wait!




Image credit: 13on via Unsplash