Wake up


After a really good sleep, I feel more energy and am ready to face life again.

When I am extra tired, life’s chores and challenges can at times seem too much. Feeling sleepy does not help clear thinking.

Pushing ourselves to stay awake is not always a good idea. We need to rest and then wake up!


We are creatures of habit, both good and bad.

The seasons of the Church’s liturgy remind us not to ‘miss the wood for the trees‘. We can take things for granted. We can presume.

Advent is a time for reflection and action…

I am reminded to ponder on all my relationships.

Namely with GOD, SELF, OTHERS, and the rest of CREATION.


What is really happening in all these relationships?

They are all about Love.

As we prepare for the feast of Christmas, we are reminded that God became flesh and is truly one of us because God is LOVE.


He models for us how to be truly human. Truly who we are meant to be.

This time of reflection that we call Advent is about authenticity and liberation. It is about a loving response.