Walking together as family

Last week was a great week. Great because so many First Nations Catholic people from around the country gathered to celebrate their faith.


I was privileged to have spoken to so many people committed to supporting others.

They were also very much wanting to preserve culture.


I am more aware than ever of the burden of history that so many carry. I am personally aware of the effect of trauma on the lives of so many.


I was recently saddened to hear how many young First Australian children suffer from serious illnesses.


There are so many challenges that these people our brothers and sisters have to face.


There are many complexities that need to be addressed in tackling these problems and challenges.


There are no quick fixes.


However, as I reflected with many of those present and with the priests and others walking with them, I am full of hope.


We need to continue after the end of this week of gatherings to reflect and pray together as we walk together in the love and support of our First Australians…