Washing feet

44 years ago I was Ordained a Priest at St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral in Adelaide.


I heard someone say that they should ask if a person is weak enough to be Ordained.


St Paul says ‘when I am weak then I am strong‘.


Anyone who relies on their own resources to do Ministry is kidding themselves.


The older I grow the more I realise my own human frailty. There are so many things that I would do differently if I were to start again.


St Paul in Romans chapters 7 and 8 looks at his human frailty and sinfulness and realises that it is the Grace of God that saves him. I can certainly identify with that.


Ministry is about being a wounded healer, a fellow traveller.


It is very much about service.


Jesus washes the feet of the Disciples and reminds us that any form of Ministry is about humble service.


Humility is about the truth. We can do nothing without God!

However, the Grace of God which is responsible for the great mystery of Easter is also working in all of us.


God can do within all of us so much more than we can dream or imagine.


I thank God for the amazing grace of God working in frail human nature, in me.


I am privileged to work in partnership with men and women of Faith in the service of all, especially those most in need.


I want to be a lifelong learner.


We all have our vocation within the mystical body of Christ.


Pope Francis has reminded us all about the call to be a Synodical Church.


A bottom-up Church rather than a top-down one!


It is all about being Ministers of Love, genuine Love.





Image credit: Pope Francis washes the feet of Muslim migrants (The Washington Post)