We all need healing

Forgiveness is central to Christian living. Justice is also very important. As Christians we are called to be just.

We can never condone wrong; we can never condone harm done to people. We should never excuse away harm done to others by us or by anyone else. We need to have the courage to face up to any harm that we or others have caused.

We also need to be committed to healing. We need to ensure that we allow God to heal us.  

Many times Jesus was involved in healing people. He also called people to sin no more. Repentance means that we can acknowledge our sin and we are resolved to do our best with Gods help, and not to sin again. God knows our weaknesses and wants to help us to break away from non-life-giving habits or practices.

We can grow, we can change, and God is the sturdy anchor giving us stability in the storms of life.

In our dealings with others we remember the words of the Our Father, “Forgive us, as we forgive others”.

Am I a forgiving person? Forgiveness does not mean that I do not speak the truth or even sometimes challenge. It is important to help others discover their mistakes; it is part of the healing process. Then there is also a time to forgive and to move on. There is a time for prudent silence:  

1)     Lord give me the courage to speak when I need to speak;
2)     Lord give me the wisdom to know when to keep silent;
3)     Lord give me the wisdom to know the difference.

God is our healer. We all need healing.

We are all in need to be born again, renewed, reenergised.

We are not alone; Jesus makes all things new.

We all need ongoing healing and to be instruments of healing for each other.

God bless you.
+Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin