Most important is the bond of Love!

So we have started Holy Week. Many of us have memories of many years of Holy Week. I suppose it is a bit like celebrating a birthday. Although birthdays are mostly just another day, in fact even in the deeper conscious (unconscious) they are not just another day. In different ways we revisit our past and reflect on the present and maybe the future.

The 1st Holy Week regarding the events that happened to Jesus have in many ways changed human history and still affect us in so many ways today.

There is much wisdom that humanity has learnt from many different cultures. When I drive a car, I am benefiting from the mechanical skill of so many people, the same as when I fly on a plane or undergo a medical procedure. We have heard it said so many times; we don’t have to recreate the wheel!

If Jesus is really the Son of God, if He really is God among us, then connecting with Him is so very important.

So much of our culture and values are based on Christian values – the belief in the dignity of the human person at all levels; the belief in the equality of all human beings; the belief in the value of forgiveness; the belief that there is goodness within each one of us, etc. Of course, other cultures have great insights as well. Yet, there is something special and indeed unique in how, through Jesus, we connect with God. In a real way, we can say we are divinised, that is, we become one with God in love.  

There is a spark of the divine in us which we know about in a special way through Jesus. Through him, we are invited into a deep connection with the inner life of God.

As I looked at the empty Cathedral yesterday, on Palm Sunday, I was conscious of still being connected with so many people, who were not physically present however were still connecting with the amazing mystery of the Eucharist. Technology has been a help in some of this connection, but even more important, is the bond of love. “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am there with them”, says Jesus. Although physical contact is very important, we can still connect in other real ways with each other. We are living reminders to each other of Jesus, and his values.

Our Christian family carries a memory of two thousand years of events that started with Jesus, and still now, call us now to be people of Faith, Hope and Love. These events which started with Jesus, empower us never to tire to be true to our commitments in the service and the love of all.

The drama of Holy Week is also our personal drama and our collective drama.

God bless you.
+Bishop Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin

6 April 2020