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I was chatting with someone on the phone this week. He is a bird breeder, as I am, and we were chatting about birds.

Eventually we started chatting about the effects of the Corona Virus on the lives of people.

I said among other things that I hope that we might be rediscovering some of the values that we have lost sight of, or diluted over the last several years.

I talked about families learning to spend more time together, friends spending more time together, not rushing around as much, simply taking time. How the earth was probably making a sigh of relief with so much less pollutants going into the environment.

He responded by wondering how long it will be before we forget what we have discovered on a deeper level.

The day after I went to Big W to pick up something. I was in a hurry, I had things to do. I caught myself being impatient with people blocking my way because of social distancing. I began to quickly move from impatience to embarrassment as I realised what I was doing, and told myself to be patient, to be present to where I was and to relax my face.

How easy it is to act out of familiar patterns!!

It is liberating to get to know ourselves better. We do not have to get stuck and simply just act as we have always done.

In Baptism we are commissioned to share in the prophetic role of Christ.

Sometimes a prophet has to swim across the prevailing ‘current’, a prophet needs to ‘see’, ‘to make decisions’ and to ‘act’.

Christian values effect and challenge us in our daily living.

Jesus challenged many of the prevailing attitudes of His time. It cost Him His life!

He was not a zealot, was not motivated by ideology.

I shudder when I hear of Christians and other ‘religious’ people who do terrible things to others because of ‘rigid ideology’.

Jesus was motivated by love. He was about healing. He called Himself a healer who came to bring fullness of life.

Our motivation for being prophetic needs to be love. We need to witness first and foremost by the way we live, by the way we relate to others, ourselves, God and all creation.

We lead by example. In everything love! Any challenge we give is useless unless it is motivated by love.

Anything we do is useless unless it is motivated by love. (Corinthians 12:31 – 13:8a)

Yes, we need to talk about and witness to values about life, the environment, family, etc. but all in love!

God Bless you today.

+Charles Gauci

Bishop of Darwin