Yesterday, I spoke about the value of meditation.

Some may have the misconception that meditation is only for those who are professional prayers or mystics.

All can meditate, all are able to pray .

Of course, contemplative nuns or monks have a particular vocation where they do have more time to pray or meditate.

However, God knows our realities and all vocations are important to God.

We can all take a few moments each day when we can have some internal moments of silence.

I say internal because we can still have internal silence even with the sound of traffic outside, or with noisy neighbours, or the sound of playing children.

It is helpful to try to find some actual silence, e.g., at the start of a day or the end of the day, etc. if we can.

However, God who loves us is able to connect with us in our reality whatever that might be.

Ask God for the grace to be attentive to Him. Tell God that you desire to listen to Him, that you desire to connect with God .

Hand everything that comes to mind to God, and do not look for quick solutions.

Let God speak to your inner self  .

Spend some time with God as you would with someone who truly loves you.

Sometimes we start praying like this for a while and then the busyness of life gets in the way.

It is important to keep ‘starting again’.

Do not get discouraged, do not give up.

Of course, we can talk to God anywhere anytime about anything.

Yet meditation still has an important place in our prayer life .

Keep it simple, it is about emptying ourselves, letting go of our ego, and letting God lead us .


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