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We certainly need to be present to the moment.  We need to live now.  So many live in the past and worry about what is to come and are not present to the here and now.

However real and important as that is, it is not the full story.

In last Sunday’s parable (Matt 24:42,49) about the wise virgins and the foolish ones, we are reminded by Jesus to be ready for His coming.  Not only the final coming, but also for the everyday encounters, great and small.

The lamp of faith is very important, but it is not enough.  In Galatians 5:6 St. Paul tells us the faith that truly unites us to Jesus is faith working through love.

The wise and prudent virgins in the parable did not wait until the last moment to respond to God’s grace, they did so actively and immediately, starting right now.

We can tend to put things off to another time, and this putting things off can sometimes mean that we sometimes never do that thing that we know should be done.

If we want to be ready for the final encounter with the Lord, we must co-operate with Him now and perform good deeds inspired by His love.

The present can never be an absolute.  We have a definitive appointment with God.  It is the fulfilment of our deepest desire.

We can do everything as if we are never to depart this life for the next.

This can lead to us forgetting the greater good and get caught up in unhealthy gratification, and even over-preoccupied with self-interest.

We need to have an active faith based on love and the knowledge that we are on a journey, and that our destination is to be with God and with each other for ever.

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