Prayer is an encounter with God

Prayer is an encounter with God

It is about allowing ourselves to be carried by God.

In prayer there are moments that we feel lift us up, even of enthusiasm; and then there can be moments of pain and even trial.

Many vocations recorded in the Bible, such as those of St. Peter and St. Paul, the prophet Elijah, etc, have times of exultation and moments of low spirit, of suffering.

Prayer is not about locking oneself up with the Lord to make one’s soul appear beautiful, that is not good prayer.

Prayer is an encounter with God and letting oneself be sent to serve one’s brothers and sisters.

The proof of good prayer is the real love of one’s neighbour.

Believers act in the world after having first kept silent and prayed, otherwise their actions are impulsive, they lack discernment, like rushing without a destination.

Believers who behave in this way do many injustices because they did not go to pray to the Lord first to discern what they must do.

When the profit Elijah thought that he had failed on all fronts, a fugitive prophet who had lost his peace, God comes forward to meet a tired man with a gentle breeze, with that thread of resounding silence, bringing calm and peace back into his hear.

We can all feel like a bit of a failure, alone, useless, tired, disheartened at times.

God comes and knocks at the door of our hearts in those moments.

The example of Elijah shows us that even if we have done something wrong, or feel threatened and maybe even frightened, when we return before God with prayer, serenity and peace will return as if by a miracle.

(Inspired by a talk by Pope Francis)

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