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Today is the Feast of St. Mary Magdalen.  She is mentioned twelve times in the Gospel, more than most of the Apostles.  The Gospel tells us that seven demons had been cast out herby Jesus.

She was present at the crucifixion of Jesus and at His burial.

She is also the first witness to the Resurrection of Jesus.

For this reason, she is called ‘The Apostle to the Apostles’.

Jesus was able to liberate Mary from whatever was oppressing her.  She was able to change and be a faithful disciple of Jesus.  Her story, like the story of so many others, reminds us that the power of God can help us let go of whatever oppresses us.

She is the first one to have seen the risen Jesus.

Although she was not one of the twelve, it is to her that Jesus first appears, and she is sent to tell the Apostles that she had seem the Lord.

The risen Jesus asks a woman to go and tell the men that He has risen.

The risen Jesus may be making a point here.  In Christ man and woman are equal.  This certainly was a change from the patriarchal culture in the time of Jesus, both in Jewish and Roman society.

We are all called to be witnesses to the Resurrection.  Our Baptism commissions us to be this.

The more we die to sin, to the ego, to false self, the freer we become.  Freer to love more unconditionally.

In the beginning of the Church, people were attracted to the Christian community because of the love, compassion and acceptance that they found there.  They found radical love.

The more we are able to love and respect others, the more we can become witnesses to the presence of the risen Christ.

Like Mary of Magdala, we all share in the ministry of the Apostles and to the fact that God’s love is bigger than our weaknesses and all forms of evil.

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