Jesus said judge not and you shall not be judged

Jesus said judge not and you shall not be judged

One of the monks had done something wrong. They called one of the senior monks to come in and make a judgment on the brother. He was not keen to come. When the community insisted, he came to the gathered assembly.

He was carrying a container full of sand. It had holes in it. He was carrying the container in a manner where the sand was flowing behind him.

As he approached the place of judgement, they asked this senior monk why he was carrying the container with the sand flowing out behind him.

His response was:

‘I am coming to judge another but cannot see my own sins behind me!’

Jesus said judge not and you shall not be judged.

Of course, there is a time when judgement needs to be made. If we had no law courts society would be in a mess.

Parents need to have boundaries for their children and make judgements for their welfare.

However, there is also a dangerous side to judgement.

  • We can be uninformed and judge.

  • We can be prejudiced when we judge.

  • We can be unhelpful in so far as we do not give people the space to grow and change.

  • We can act out of an air of superiority.

  • In the end only God can fully know what is in the heart of a person.

  • This does not mean that we stop trying to be better informed and grow in the understanding of what God is saying to us.

  • This does not mean that we do not keep choosing to act out the greater good as shown to us by the Gospel and the Church’s teaching

If we are to err, let us err on the side of compassion!

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