Today is the feast of Saints Simon and Jude.

They were two of the twelve apostles picked by Jesus and appointed to be leaders of the early Christian community.

They were to be eyewitnesses to the Resurrection. They had spent time with Jesus listening to Him and seeing Him in action.

After the Resurrection they had experienced Jesus alive again many times. They were then sent by Jesus to proclaim the good news, and to Baptise to the ends of the earth.

Very soon, as the Church grew, the leadership role of the Apostles was seen to be passed on by the laying on of hands to the Bishop, by whom the Bishop of Rome was seen to take on the role of Peter, whose charism was to keep the Church united.

Today it is fitting that the church will formally install Karol Kulczycki as the next bishop of the Port Pirie Diocese. As a sign of solidarity as many bishops from around Australia will be present.

A Bishop has a Charism of Leadership and service in a synodical church.

All the Baptised share in the priesthood, the prophetic role, and the Kingship of Christ.

All the Baptised are called to share in the saving sacrifice of Christ at his invitation.

We do this by saying a ‘big’ yes to the will of God in our life, not just when it is easy, but all the time.

All the Baptised are called to give a prophetic witness by living as Christ taught us, not just when it is easy, but all the time.

All the Baptised as beloved Children of God share in the victory of Christ over evil.

We are called to be people of faith, hope and love.

Yes, the Bishop has a significant note to play in supporting all disciples of Jesus Christ, that is all Christians in their mission as Baptised and confirmed members of the Body of Christ

However, he is only one person. No other Christian is less important than he!

Because of Christ we know that we all matter absolutely. We also have a mission to help all people know that they matter absolutely! We are all sent to be bearers and proclaimers of the Good News!

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