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Last Saturday afternoon I attended a pre-Christmas gathering at the Sisters of Charity’s place in Darwin.  These are the Sisters of Mother Teresa.  They have three communities here in the NT namely Darwin, Katherine, and Alice Springs.

They do an amazing job reaching out to our First Nations people, refugees, new migrants, and everybody else.

The Sisters lead very simple lives, no TV, no air conditioners (quite a challenge here in the Tropics!! They use fans), no internet.  Yet they have a wonderful way of communication.  They touch the lives of so many.

In this Christmas celebration there were so many people.  So many ethnic groups, young and old, all came together for a wonderful celebration.

Children dramatised the story of the birth of Jesus.  Baby Jesus decided that he had had enough after a while and had to leave the stage for his birth mother!!

A group of older women danced and sang Christmas carols.

Young African children, joined by other friends, sang and danced.

A young Indian boy did Irish dancing.

The productions followed one after the other.

There was a wonderful spread of food and refreshments.

Considering that the Sisters live on charity, there was an amazing array of food!  I saw people bring in plates of food.  It reminded me of the miracle of the fish and loaves!

There was such a good spirit.  I am sure Jesus was delighted to see so many brothers and sisters of so many backgrounds united in love and celebration.

“Thank you, Father, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to mere children.”  Jesus was filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit when he said these words.

I felt some of that joy on that Saturday afternoon.

Those good women dressed in saris, the same that Mother Teresa was dressed in, were the leaven that brought us together.

A wonderful reminder to us all to let our light shine!

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