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How important it is to stay awake!

There is a time to sleep, there is a time to be awake.

Spirituality is about waking up.  It is not about forcing ourselves to wake up, but about waking up.  It is about being present, not forcing ourselves to be present, it is non-violent.

There can be a violent type of discipline and a non-violent type.

There is no room for violence in healthy spirituality.  A structure, a discipline in life is helpful for balance.  Acceptance goes with non-violence.

The alarm goes in the morning, I am reluctant to waking up; I accept waking up and wake up.

It is time for prayer.  I allow myself to be present and spend time with the Lord.

I was mistakenly waiting for someone to come and see me at the presbytery a few days ago.  Instead the person was waiting for me at the diocesan office which is where I should have been.

As I was waiting, a young mother rolled up with her little baby son. What happened was a real moment of encountering grace.

Everyday we have opportunities to be present to people, to put into practice our Christian faith.

It involves decision making, to be present to the here and now.  It is not about expecting ourselves to be perfect.  This can lead to violence against ourselves.  It certainly is not about expecting anyone else to be perfect.

It is about allowing God to liberate us.  To respond to invitations from God.  We accept healing and forgiveness in our weakness.

God loves us unconditionally.  We learn to love ourselves, accept ourselves, and to love others.


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