What is true Charity?

Loving our family and friends is a very good thing indeed. Being able to self-sacrifice, and even give our lives for the people who are so important to us is beautiful, admirable, good and even desirable.


Jesus tells us that as great as this is, It is not enough for his disciples.


He tells us to love our enemies and even those who despise us!! Just before he dies while he is hanging on the cross he forgives and asks the Father to forgive those who tortured and murdered him!!


He never said that this was easy to do!


Indeed for some who have suffered grievously and are traumatised by what others have done to them and or their loved ones or to both this may not be possible at present.

The grace of God can do within us more than we can dream or imagine.


As we remain open to the transformative renewing and creative Love of God we grow in freedom to forgive and to love.

God can surprise us and empower us beyond our frail human capacity.


Lord free me from any excess baggage that I carry… I cannot do it without you!