What to do?

Jesus told us that the Holy Spirit will teach us to understand more than the Apostles could or rather were able to understand while He walked the earth.


Of course, the truths in the Gospel are foundational to our faith.


However, the Holy Spirit is guiding the Church to understand these truths ever more deeply.


For hundreds of years, Christians tolerated slavery. We certainly have now finally realised how wrong it is and do not condone it at all.

In the times of the Roman Empire, they had no hope of changing it. However Christian kings continued the practice when they had the power to change it.


My sister is buried outside consecrated ground because she died at birth before Baptism. That will not happen today.

The way we treat suicides is much more compassionate.


There is a long history of discernment in our Church going all the way back to Jesus.


Spiritual masters like Saint Ignatius of Loyola have helped us to develop our understanding of the discernment of spirits. It is really about asking the question as to what is from God and what is from the bad spirit or our own ego.


As we search to make decisions for our times, our prayer needs to be ‘Your Will be done’ again echoing the words of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit has a habit of surprising us!