Who am I

We can answer this question in many ways and on a number of levels.


It is true to say that we can both know ourselves and forever keep discovering who we are.


We cannot truly know ourselves if we are not also growing in our understanding of who God is.


The more honest we are the more we can know who we are.


Thomas Merton says that the spiritual journey is:

‘A journey in which we discover ourselves in discovering God and discovering God in discovering our true self hidden in God.’

We can be most ourselves when most like God.

I am hidden in God, and I have to find myself in that relationship.


We all need some solitude, a discipline of solitude, some silence if are to grow spiritually.

It makes it possible to listen to God’s voice in a fresh and new way.


This also makes it more possible for us to truly connect with others in meaningful and healthy ways.

Our love becomes less self-centred more outreaching. It becomes more universal.

As we face the ‘interruptions‘ of life they become opportunities for the conversion of self and fellow human beings.


Jesus is God among us. The more I am in harmony and bonded with Jesus the more that I am my true self.





Image credit: Adobe Stock