Why Worry

I am beginning to understand more and more why St Paul says ‘Pray always’


At my age, in my seventh decade, after all the theological and human development courses and practice, I still waste so much time in useless worry!


I woke up about two hours before my intended time this morning. I felt somewhat refreshed but could not go back to deep sleep.


So many things kept coming through my head.

So I woke up and went to pray.


I had to smile at myself. It was all useless worry. Things fell back into perspective. The concerns had not gone away, but I had a better sense of proportionality.


I also know that when I prayerfully meditate, I am more able to keep things in perspective.


I also know that when I structure prayer times and not leave it up to chance and opportunity, I am again able to stay anchored in God.


Jesus is the best port in any storm.

Because of him, we can walk on water.