I was talking to a friend on the phone today. He had been driving on the South Eastern Freeway in South Australia, heading to his parish.


He recalled how people were speeding and having near misses of hitting other vehicles.


I have certainly had that experience many times.


As I was listening to him speak, I remembered hearing on the news in the morning how there was an expected rise of one and a half degrees of global temperatures in the next few months and the consequences that this will have.


Then I also reflected on the terrible war in Ukraine and the violence in Sudan and so many other places in the world.


I can list so many other evils…


Why do we keep on making wrong decisions as human beings?


We, who are capable of so much good can be so very stupid.


An unreflective life can lead to so many wrong decisions.


Sin is certainly a reality in human experience.

Sin is the choices we make for the lesser good.

When we sin, we choose gratification over integrity and greater loving.


We can choose profit over justice, power over harmony livening respect and peace, and self-interest over the common good.


It does not have to be like this. We are able to make choices based on free will, we are not determined.


Jesus reminded us that he has overcome the sin of the world and that we can be free through him.