World Youth Day

Yesterday was world youth day.

Every three years there is an international world youth day. The next one is due to happen in Portugal in 2023.


These are amazing gatherings with numbers often in the millions.

I have been to four as Chaplin. It is an experience that you will never forget with young people coming from all over the world.


Every year there is also a local celebration in the local Churches.


Youth Ministry is vital to Church life.

I find young people to be open and generous.


The amazing rate of change in our world has certainly impacted on how knowledge and values are passed on.


I heard it said that a generation is now about 5 years compared to the 20 or 30 years that it used to be.


Over 30 years ago it was becoming obvious that parents could not pass on Faith to their children in the same way that it had been passed on to them by their parents.


However, it does not mean their Faith cannot be passed on to contemporary young people.


We need to listen, consult and reflect with an open heart and mind.


We are still basically the same human beings as we have been in thousands of years, just living in a rapidly changing world.


One of the most effective forms of youth Ministry is the leadership of youth by youth with adult support.


A most essential requirement in Ministry with youth is to Love them and earn their trust with unconditional love, a love that is integral and unconditional.


We need to believe in our young people.

We need to believe that with God’s grace they can make a big difference in making Christ’s Mission visible to many.






Image credit: National Catholic Register