Wounded healers

It has been an amazing week. As I write I am still journeying in the first session of the Australian Church plenary council.

The plan was for us all to meet in Adelaide together in person from around the country.

COVID meant that we are meeting instead on zoom.

The President of the assembly is Archbishop Timothy Castello of Perth.

The chair is rotating including laypeople.

The first day though a good experience meant that we needed to get to know each other in our small groups.


As the days went on, we started to go deeper into various subject matters.


Every day there is a significant amount of time spent in reflection and prayer as well as sufficient time given to conversation and sharing of ideas.


There is such a diversity of backgrounds, spirituality, theological preferences and diversity of opinions.


There is a lot of respect for each other.

I believe that there is a deep desire for integrity and openness to the Holy Spirit.


I know that this assembly has created an Australian wide network of communication with Huge benefits for the Church.


We are learning from each other. I believe that we are experiencing a real Synodical process and way of being together.

The youngest layperson present has the same opportunity to speak as the most senior Archbishops.


We move in Faith open to the Holy Spirit; we trust in the promise of Jesus that He will be with us always.


I sense excitement and hope.

We are wounded as individuals and as a Church.

With God’s Grace, we can truly listen to God and be truly wounded healers.



Image credit: William Farlow via Unsplash