Image credit: Giuseppe Brovelli-Soffredini via Wikipedia

Image credit: Giuseppe Brovelli-Soffredini via Wikipedia

Today is the feast of St Maria Goretti (1890 -1902).

She was the daughter of a poor Italian family.

A young man, Alessandro, wanted a sexual relationship with her.

She resolutely refused, saying that it was wrong and also sin.

Alessandro persisted and then threatened her with violence.

She still refused.

In anger, he stabbed her.

She did not die immediately. They operated on her, and she lasted for twenty-four hours.

Before she died, she forgave her killer and died a beautiful Christian death. She was only a young girl but was clear in her mind about her commitment to chastity.

Young people are bombarded with a lack of respect for chastity by many forms of social media.

In so many films, boy meets girl, next minute they are engaging in some form of sexual activity.

In our Christian belief, the right place of sexual activity is in committed love. The right expression of this is in marriage.

The right expression of sexual activity needs to be: Love-giving, self-giving, life-giving.

Human sexuality is sacred in our Christian understanding.

Maria Goretti knew this and paid a very high price for her commitment.

Young people are capable of good living.

We must not let them down.

Chastity is for all.


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