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This week is NAIDOC week.

We focus on our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters.

It is about mutual respect; it is about walking together.

At a meeting with some Aboriginal leaders recently, they told me “Do not walk in front, or walk behind, walk with us”.

So many people have made decisions for Aboriginal people in the past.

They face some very big challenges and others cannot solve them for them. We who love and respect them, need to be there for them and to walk with them.

God has always walked with our First Nations people.

We can learn a lot from their close connection with the land and from their spirituality.

Pope John the second reminded us that our Church will be enriched by embracing their spiritual insights.

Aboriginal people and others can learn from each other.

We need to make time to listen respectfully to each other.

There needs to be ongoing healing and reconciliation.

So many of our First Nations people are suffering from the effects of generational trauma.

Without ignoring past hurts we need to move forward together trusting in the Lord who knows the way forward even when we are not sure how to proceed by ourselves.



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