Image credit: Catholic Diocese of Darwin

Image credit: Catholic Diocese of Darwin

Today is the feast of St Thomas the Apostle.

Thomas was not there when the resurrected Christ first appeared to the Apostles.

When they told him of their experience, Thomas did not believe them. He wanted to see for himself.

Jesus came a second time and now Thomas was convinced and makes a wonderful profession of Faith.

The Apostles are very good for us in many ways. They are so human and by no means perfect.

They often misunderstood Jesus, argued as who was most important and let Jesus down often.

However, He never gave up on them.

Like Thomas, we question and even doubt.

Questioning is not necessarily bad. It is often a stage of growth enabling us to move into deeper understanding and love. Looking for understanding and more clarity is often a stage of outgrowing old images, a stage of maturity.

The Holy Spirit sent to us by Jesus keeps guiding us into a deeper understanding of a fuller truth.

Of course, we need to be open to the Truth and to be open to trust and guidance. We are not meant to travel the spiritual journey alone. It is helpful to have wise and knowledgeable teachers and guides.

St Thomas went to India and according to strong traditions died there.

To this very day, his feast is celebrated by people of Indian descent wherever they are.

He is important to them and to all of us


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