You are good

Sometime before Easter, I had the privilege of doing the ceremony of washing feet with the young people at Dondale Detention Center.


I went in with a team of men and women from our community.


My message to the young people was that they are good. That there is goodness inside them.


I acknowledged that they had made mistakes. We all make mistakes.


These mistakes did not negate that they were good in themselves.


The biggest mistake that we can make is to make mistakes and then stop trying to do what is right.


I explained what the significance of the washing of feet ceremony was all about. I said that I was offering it to them because they mattered, that they were important.


I also explained that participating was voluntary.


They opted to participate.


I found it a powerful experience.


I believe that it was also significant for them. I could see it in their demeanour and faces.


We all need to believe in the goodness within us.


Jesus saw this goodness in people.


He reached out to them and called them to a fuller life and to know that they are unconditionally loved by God…


We all are even though sometimes we forget this.