He was a short man. He heard that Jesus was coming. Something was stirring inside him. He wanted to see him and climbed a tree.

Jesus reached out to him.

‘I am going to eat with you today’.


Zacchaeus experiences a new lease on life. He wants to put right the wrong that he has done.

God prepares our hearts to be receptive to him as He did for Zacchaeus.


Our heart seeks God.  Our heart is restless until it rests in God. When we respond to the call, the grace, we encounter him. This encounter continually converts and changes us.

We encounter salvation.


Instead of rejoicing at the conversion of a sinner, the people are scandalised.

He is going to eat at a sinner’s house!!!!


Why do we want to judge and even condemn??


Am I able to recognise the beginning of goodwill and hope in others? How easy it is to blow out the smouldering flame!! Am I an encourager?


In Amoris Laetitia Pope Francis reminds us about the accompaniment of others who want to do what is right but struggle.


Do I remember that the greatest commandment is love?


Once again, I hear the words ‘Do not Judge…’