Image credit:  Tom Pumford via Unsplash

Image credit: Tom Pumford via Unsplash

We have just celebrated the two feasts of ‘The exaltation of the Cross’ and of ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’.

Sorrow and sadness are part of life.

This very week I assisted at the bedside of a dying man (he died a short time afterwards). I also shared time with the mother of a young woman who could die.

I can list a number of other situations of sadness that were shared with people in the last few days.

I say this not to be morbid or to focus on sadness.

It is just a reality that sadness and grief are part of life!

I keep being reminded that everything in this universe is composed of matter and energy and that nothing remains the same. Change is constant and does not stop.

However, there is a constant!!

This constant is the Love and the Faithfulness of God.

The two feasts mentioned above are reminders of this faithfulness and enduring Love.

They are reminders that God walks with us during all situations in life.

In Romans chapters 7 & 8, we are reminded that God turns everything to good for us.

We are also reminded that we can be at peace even when we face the biggest challenges. This is a peace bigger than the surface feelings.

The feelings associated with sadness, grief, fear, etc., can still be experienced while we also know that ‘Holy Insecurity’ is based on hope given by an irrevocable promise from God who died for us and also rose from the dead. This Resurrection, this Hope, is also our inheritance.

So, we can journey this earth remembering another promise,

‘My peace I give you not as the world gives it, my own peace I give to you.

So, we can journey in solidarity with each other even when we do not use words, the solidarity of hope and love.


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