Contact Details

  • 90 Smith Street, Darwin City
  • (08) 8981 2863
  • Administrator: Fr. Tom Jose Pandiappallil CMI
  • Assistant Priest: Fr. Chediel Mloka
  • Deacon: Rev Anthony Cunningham

Mass Timings

  • Monday-Friday: 6.30am  / 12.10pm  / 5:30pm  
  • Saturday: 11.30am / 6.30pm (Vigil)
  • Sunday: 7.30am / 9.30am / 7.00pm
  • Confession Times:   Saturday 10.45am-11.20am and 5.45pm-6.20pm

Christmas and New Year Mass timings

06:30pm Family Vigil Mass

11:30pm Christmas Carols

12:00am Christmas Midnight Mass

07:30am Christmas Morning Mass

09:30am Christmas Morning Mass

07:00pm Christmas Evening Mass

07:30am Morning Mass

09:30am Morning Mass

07:00pm Evening Mass

09:00am New Year’s Day Mass