At the Breakaway Youth Night 2024 held at “The Barn” in O’Loughlin Catholic College on March 22nd, Deacon Shehan captivated young hearts and minds with an unconventional analogy. Drawing parallels between physical health and spiritual well-being, Shehan unfolded a captivating narrative of discipline, nourishment, and growth.   

“In my life, I found a best buddy,” Shehan began, revealing that this “best buddy” wasn’t a person but “protein.” Drawing from his passion for fitness, he elaborated on how working out wasn’t merely a hobby but a lifestyle, which transformed his daily habits, including his diet and sleep patterns. “The moment I start working out, it’s discipline all the way,” he shared, asserting his avoidance of fast food and his preference for protein-rich snacks.   

“We like snacks, don’t we? Chips, chocolates…” he said, drawing nods and smiles from the audience. “But for me, it’s protein snacks,” Shehan added, illuminating his unwavering dedication to a protein-centric diet, even when it came to cookies and hot chocolate. 

However, Shehan’s message took a profound turn when he introduced a different kind of “protein” that has become an essential part of his life – Jesus Himself. “Jesus Himself is my protein,” he declared, illustrating the idea that just as the body needs proper nutrition to function, the soul requires spiritual nourishment to thrive.   

But, Shehan didn’t stop there. Drawing a parallel with the physical process of protein absorption, he highlighted the importance of the Holy Spirit. “We need a shaker called the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, you’re going to do nothing,” he passionately conveyed. Much like a protein shake needs to be mixed well to benefit the body, the teachings and guidance of the Holy Spirit are crucial for spiritual growth and understanding.   

He accentuated the significance of the Word of God, stating, “There’s not going to be growth in your life without this one.”   

The talk was a unique blend of physical and spiritual metaphors, highlighting the importance of discipline, nourishment, and the Holy Spirit in the journey of faith. By merging the familiar concept of protein with the profound message of spirituality, Dcn Shehan successfully engaged the young audience, leaving them with a memorable and impactful lesson on the vitality of ‘spiritual protein’ in nourishing faith and growth. 

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