It is with sadness that we woke up to the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
The Queen is the Head of State of Australia and our scripture always reminds us to pray for those who are in leadership within the community.
Whatever our political positions are, there is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth was an exemplary woman dedicated to duty and with a profound sense of Mission and Vocation.
She was a woman of Christian faith and believed in doing her duty in front of God.
Like all of us, she experienced her challenges and had many painful movements in her life.
So, we give thanks to God for the many good things that the Queen bore witness to by her life.
She gave witness to a deep sense of commitment and her profound sense of acting responsibly and with integrity.
Most of us would have known her as Queen Elizabeth for most of our life.
In our Christian Faith, we believe that the Jesus she trusted in, would be welcoming her into the home of our Father, as she now joins all those who have gone before us and have died in the peace and the love of God.
May she rest in peace.
+Bishop Charles