Diocesan Youth leaders at the Alpha Australia Emerging Leaders Conference!
During the last week of August, our Youth Ministry leaders Tammy and Peter joined over 50 leaders, pastors, educators, and change-makers from across Australia, representing diverse Christian Churches. 🙌
This conference was a great opportunity to connect with leaders from all corners of the country, each bringing their unique experiences and wisdom to the table. 🌏🤝
🎤 The event featured a lineup of incredible presenters who generously shared their wealth of knowledge and experiences, empowering attendees to grow both personally and professionally. 💼📚
Tammy and Peter shared that they will continue to build the relationship with Alpha, especially Alpha Youth as they have a vision for outreach that is clearly bearing fruit. 🤝🌟
Alpha, with its global presence spanning over 100 countries, is in the early stages of supporting our Diocese with its range of distinctive outreach offerings. 🌐❤️
With the unwavering commitment of individuals like Huw Warmenhoven and Justine Hughes (Alpha in a Catholic Context), there are endless possibilities in the NT. 🚀🌈
Please continue to pray for our Youth Ministers as they continue to work hand-in-hand with Alpha and Alpha Youth! 🙏🌠