Fr. Charles Gauci 4th Ordination Anniversary
Just over four years ago, Fr. Charles Gauci was enthusiastically working in his role as the Administrator of the Cathedral in Adelaide. He had great plans for the parish.
A call from the Apostolic Nuncio, [The Pope’s representative in Australia] changed all that, in a dramatic way. Fr Gauci was asked to accept the Pope’s wish, that he should accept an appointment as the Bishop of the Diocese of Darwin.
The transition from Parish Priest to that of Bishop, is immense and dramatic. Not only was Fr. Gauci confronted with this life-changing reality, but he was to be the bishop of an area three times the size of France, in the Northern Territory, so far from the metropolitan city of Adelaide, his family, and support mechanisms.
It is a measure of the man, that he accepted the challenge, as part of God’s will.
During his four years here, Bishop Charles has immersed himself in the life and the concerns of the diocese. We are inspired by the generous way he shares himself, spending extended periods in all parts of the diocese, especially the most remote parts.
On this, the fourth anniversary of his ordination as the Bishop of the Diocese of Darwin, we thank God for the gift he is to our diocese, and we pray for his good health and many years of service to come. Congratulations Bishop Charles and may God bless you abundantly.
+Bishop Emeritus Eugene Hurley