Fr Prakash Brayan Menezes SVD as Vicar General of our Diocese
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This Sunday, on the 19th of November, I will be installing Fr Prakash Brayan Menezes SVD as Vicar General of our Diocese. Fr Prakash has worked in our Diocese since his Ordination. He served as the Assistant Parish Priest in Alice Springs, then as the Parish Priest at Catholic Church Santa Teresa, NT, and currently serves as the Parish Priest at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish Alice Springs.
Since his installation as Parish Priest, Fr Prakash has also been Vicar for Central Australia. He brings many gifts with him as well as 9 years of Pastoral experience. Fr Prakash will continue in his role as Parish Priest of Alice Springs while assuming this new Ministry. We now have a Chancellor in the person of Mrs Clalia Mar in the Diocesan office as well as of course other members of our Diocesan staff. With the help of modern technology,
I believe that Fr Prakash is able to effectively take on this new position and I will not be asking him to come to Darwin more often than necessary. We have a precedence in this when Bishop Eugene appointed Fr Jim Knight SVD as Vicar General while residing in Alice Springs.
Thank you, Fr Prakash, for taking on this new vital responsibility in the service of our Diocese.
It would be amiss of me not to once again thank Father Malcolm Fyfe MSC for his 11 years as Vicar General of our Diocese and we wish him well as he continues to serve God and God’s people.
Yours in Christ,