In a heartening exchange during a recent Q&A session, young Ela from Alice Springs posed a profound question to Cathcroc and Bishop Charles Gauci, asking, “What are your ways of becoming closer to God?” 

Cathcroc promptly passed the insightful question to Bishop Charles Gauci, marking the beginning of a encouraging response. 

Bishop Gauci shared, “There are several ways I try to get closer to God. Prayer is central to this, as it allows me to communicate and listen to God. It’s all about building a relationship with Him. Additionally, I learn from the experiences of other holy individuals and the rich history of the church. I continuously strive to deepen my understanding of God’s message through the Bible and Scriptures.” 

However, he emphasised that prayer is not the only path. “Becoming a more loving person is equally crucial,” he added. “When we genuinely love, we experience God. So, prayer, love, and understanding intertwine to guide me closer to Him.” 

Bishop concluded his thoughtful response with a heartfelt blessing for Ela. 

Encouraging further questions from young minds, Cathcroc extended an invitation, “If you have any questions about God and the beautiful creations around us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. The Bishop and I can’t wait to hear from you.” 

This exchange underscores the importance of curiosity and open dialogue in understanding and deepening one’s faith, highlighting the Bishop’s and the Church’s commitment to nurturing spiritual growth among the youth. 

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