Happy Birthday Bishop Charles
Today we will celebrate a significant milestone in the life of Bishop Charles.
Bishop Charles was born in Malta in 1952, and the maths suggest that he will be celebrating his 70th birthday today!! We congratulate him on this wonderful moment in his journey of life.
Bishop Charles came to Australia with his family, when he was only thirteen years old.
He was ordained a priest in 1977, by Archbishop James Gleeson, for the Archdiocese of Adelaide.
He carried out many, and varied responsibilities in the Archdiocese of Adelaide, finishing up being the Administrator of St Francis Xavier Cathedral.
After serving the Archdiocese for over 40 years, he was consecrated the fifth Bishop dioof the Diocese of Darwin on 26th September 2018.
Since then, he has spent himself generously, travelling our diocese from one end to the other.
Bishop Charles has embraced our diocese and made it home.
We thank God for Bishop Charles and pray that he enjoys his 70th birthday. May he enjoy good health and inspire this diocese for many years.
Bishop Eugene.