Happy Birthday to  Andric Dean Tobias Taberdo
Happy Birthday to Andric Dean Tobias Taberdo (known to most of us as Dean) turns 28 today.
Dean is a member of our Clergy incardinated in the Diocese of Darwin. Dean will very shortly be Ordained a Priest to serve God and God’s people.
Already Dean is involved in a number of Ministries in our Diocese. He is based in the Cathedral Parish where he assists with the Liturgy, facilitates with the RCIA, facilitates with the Scripture prayer group, and represents me as President of the St Mary’s School where he also assists in Chaplaincy, Ministers at St John’s College and visits Hospitals on a regular basis as well as other Ministries.
We pray for Dean as he now moves towards Priestly Ordination, which God willing will be on the 24th of May this year, and we are grateful for the Ministries with which he serves God and God’s people.
Happy Birthday Dean.