Hearts on Fire, Feet on the Move

As October dawns, the Catholic Church gears up for a month of deep reflection and fervent mission. Commencing with the Feast of St. Thérèse of Lisieux and culminating in World Mission Sunday (October. 22, 2023), this month serves as a global testament to faith and unity among Catholics worldwide.

Designated as Extraordinary Missionary Month, October offers a moment of profound contemplation, prayer, and unwavering support for the tireless endeavours of missionaries – individuals, communities, and the Church as a whole.

In line with the spirit of mission, Catholic Mission has chosen a resonant theme for 2023: “Hearts on Fire, Feet on the Move.”

A shining example of this collaborative spirit can be found in Venilale, Timor-Leste, where missionaries and local communities join hands in pursuit of a brighter future. Sister Alma, the Provincial of the Salesian Sisters of Timor-Leste and Indonesia, stands as a testament to this enduring partnership. Her decades-long journey alongside local communities illustrates the spirit of collective action in effecting meaningful change.

This World Mission Month, we invite you to delve into the remarkable, life-affirming work of the Salesian Sisters in Venilale. Discover their unwavering commitment to uplifting communities and explore ways in which you too can lend your support.

Listen closely to the inspiring words of the Salesian Sisters as they illuminate the path of mission and service.