Jordan Peterson’s Wife Embraces Catholicism After Miraculous Cancer Recovery

Jordan Peterson’s Wife Embraces Catholicism After Miraculous Cancer Recovery 

In a story that intertwines faith, resilience, and transformation, Tammy Peterson, the wife of renowned Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson, has converted to Catholicism. Her journey, marked by a battle with terminal cancer and a miraculous recovery, highlights the profound impact of faith and the power of prayer. 

Tammy’s conversion was formalised during the Easter Vigil Mass at Holy Rosary Church in Toronto, Ontario. This significant event was captured in images shared on social media, showcasing the couple holding candles during the Mass and Tammy receiving a blessing as she entered the Catholic Church. 

The catalyst for Tammy’s faith journey began in 2019, when she was diagnosed with an untreatable form of kidney cancer and given less than a year to live. During this challenging time, a friend gifted her rosary beads and joined her in prayer for two hours daily for five weeks. Remarkably, on the fifth day, Tammy experienced significant health improvements—a change she attributes to divine intervention.

In a heartfelt interview, Tammy shared that she now finds profound peace in praying the rosary daily on her porch. She views her recovery as a testament to the story of suffering and redemption, offering focus amidst chaos. 


Jordan Peterson has been a vocal supporter of his wife’s newfound faith, describing it as transformative for their marriage. “She’s much more who she is, and that’s great because I love who she is,” he said. Despite this, Peterson himself remains on the periphery of organised religion, describing his existence as “on the borders of things.” 

During an interview with EWTN News, Jordan Peterson elaborated on his thoughts about the Easter message, describing it as “the core story of humanity.” He likened the story of Easter to the oldest human narrative—a tale where the greatest treasures are found in the darkest places. This story, he noted, offers a promise of redemption and transformation, a “resurrection of the spirit.” 

Peterson’s reflections on faith are deeply rooted in psychological and literary analysis. He emphasised that faith involves a willingness to see the goodness in being and becoming, despite the tragedies and malevolence of life. He also spoke about the concept of a “calling,” likening it to Jacob’s Ladder, which spirals infinitely upward. This, he believes, is a direction rather than a place—a journey toward the divine. 


Tammy’s conversion and miraculous recovery have also rekindled her childhood spirit, something Jordan observed with awe. “She has recovered that state of childhood that Christ associates with the kingdom,” he remarked, adding that witnessing this transformation has been nothing short of a miracle. 

While Jordan Peterson appreciates many aspects of Catholicism, he remains cautious about fully embracing the faith himself. He believes that faith is necessary because it acknowledges the mysteries of existence that cannot be fully understood. He underscores the importance of the Church staying true to its core message of carrying one’s cross and following Christ. 

In conclusion, Tammy Peterson’s journey to Catholicism is a powerful narrative of faith and healing. It underscores the profound impact of belief and the transformative power of spiritual journeys. As Jordan Peterson aptly put it, “Everybody has their own path. Tammy’s on hers; I’m on mine.”