Contact Details

  • 15 Second St Katherine NT 0850
  • (08) 8971 1460
  • Parish Priest: Fr Cyrus Banque CMF
  • Assistant Parish Priest: Fr Julius Boado CMF

Mass Timings

  • Monday: 6.15am and 5.00pm
  • Tuesday: 10.00am
  • Wednesday: 6.15am and 5.30pm
  • Thursday: 7.00am (Convent)
  • Friday: 6.15am and 5.30pm followed by Adoration and Benediction at 6.30pm
  • Saturday: 10.00am / 6.00pm (Vigil)
  • Sunday: 7:30am / 9:00am
  • Anointing of the Sick celebrated at Mass on the 1st Tuesday of the month

Holy week Mass timings 2024

07:30am Mass

09:00am Mass

07:00pm Mass

08:00pm – 12:00am Adoration and Confession

10:00am Stations of the Cross

03:00pm Passion of Christ

07:00pm Easter Vigil Mass

07:30am Mass

09:00am Mass