New Diocesan logo
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I would like to introduce to you our Diocesan logo. After wide consultation 🙌 with various people including our Priests, Catholic Care, Catholic Education, and First Nations People, we have finally come up with a logo that represents the Spirit of our community.
The logo features the shape of a dove 🕊️, symbolizing the Holy Spirit, with its right wing shaped like the Northern Territory (and in ochre red i.e. the colour of the NT flag). The dots forming the cross represent the dot painting used by our First Nations People, and the blue line represents the water of Baptism 💧 and the Arafura Sea 🌊.
While the logo represents a dove, it also appears like the palm of a hand receiving the fire 🔥 of the Holy Spirit as we serve the Northern Territory.
I invite you to take a look at our new logo, which you can view at Our new logo reflects our mission as a Church for the world, embracing all with the fire 🔥 of love❤️.
God bless you all🙏.