The celebration phase of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia ended on Saturday, July 9, as Archbishop Timothy Costelloe formally closed the Council and celebrated the closing Mass. You can watch some of the journey of the Plenary Council here.

During the second general assembly, more than 35 motions were put to a consultative and a deliberative vote. Those motions that received a qualified majority in the deliberative vote –
two-thirds of voters eligible and present – were passed by the Plenary Council. They were confirmed as the decrees of the Plenary Council. After the November 2022 meeting of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, the decrees will be sent to the Apostolic See. In accordance with canon 446 of the Code of Canon Law,

decrees are not to be promulgated until they have been reviewed by the Apostolic See. They will be promulgated in the Australasian Catholic Record and the website of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference in accordance with its usual practice. The decrees will oblige six months after promulgation.

Visit the Plenary Council website for full details and decrees of the Plenary Council here: